Friday, August 22, 2008

Random thoughts on a Friday night which feels like a Saturday night for some reason.....
  • Tonight when I left a friend's house to come home I heard a flop, flap, flap noise coming from the right rear tire. Great. A flat tire, I thought. I got out, looked, nothing. Drove a bit more, same noise. it's dark, I don't have a flashlight, but I CAN see that the tire isn't flat. So I drive around to my friend's back door thinking I will need some help of some kind, and when I get out it's much more light and I can see what the problem is. A long strip of asphalt was adhered by one end to the tire, and was making that noise when the tire went around. Whew. I wasn't really looking forward to calling the roadside service people at night and waiting for an hour. Last winter I locked my keys in my car while it was running as I checked my mailbox, and had to stand outside for well over an hour in almost zero degree weather with a ton of snow freezing through the bottom of my thin little tennies while I waited for them. Roadside service is a good thing, but it would be nice if they used a transporter like on Star Trek.
  • I really want to start the two-week beginner's phase of the SB diet (and that's NOT the Very Expensive Coffee Place initials, in case you're wondering) but can't seem to get my act together. I mostly want to do it to jump start some success in that area, but I wish i had a cook like Orpah. yes, I spelled it that way on purpose.
  • Why is it that I haven't watched The View in forever and then some, and all I see now are reruns ("encore presentations!") that I've already seen?
  • Did you know George Gershwin died of a brain tumor at age 38? We watched one segment of a history of Broadway tonight and I had no idea he died that young.
  • Lawrence Fishburne is joining the cast of CSI when WP leaves (boo hoo!)--that should be interesting.
  • I have to get up at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. That's just wrong.


danelle said...

Everything is in reruns now, Dr. Phil, The View, even Orpah.

Diet jump start success=phentermine. It seriously changed my life.

rr said...

What??? WP is leaving CSI? Pft... why bother watching anymore? I missed the entire last season anyway.

cb said...

RR--yes, he's LEAVING. You've been kind of "out of it" all summer--so I'll cut your some slack. This time.

D--I'm not really interested in doing things with drugs if I don't have to And reading the list of side effects and the description of the drug, it sounds just like any appetite suppressant anywhere. Besides--it's freaking expensive.

Laurie said...

I did one week of the two week phase of SB. I dropped a TON of weight. And then I gnawed off my own arm. And that was that.

Cyndi said...

I can't believe you had to get up so early on a Saturday, just wrong.