Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stevie Wonder just did a mini-concert. Al Gore was just introduced.

I would so love to be in that crowd right now.

The traffic, the parking, all of that... those are the things that keep me from doing things that draw crowds; whether it be arts & crafts shows, food festivals, whatever. But this is historic-- not because of the people being nominated, but just because it's here in our home town. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Kind of like when I got to go to the World Series in October. It's just... a big deal. If it was the Republicans, I'd still feel the same way.

But I mostly just {heart} Al Gore.


Jenn said...

Thanks so much for the books, Cindi! They were waiting for me when I got home from WA and I'm looking forward to reading them.

cb said...

You're welcome! I'm glad they could find a home.