Friday, August 08, 2008

Saw a cute movie this afternoon (late afternoon-- but early enough to get a little cheaper price). We saw Wall*e--and it was really pretty cute. I warned B right before the movie that I heard it has a pretty strong environmental message--which some people think is too "in your face". The story was pretty good--but the animation was amazing. Visually this movie is really at the top of the line. Wall*e didn't really even look animated--and his character was so sympathetic. After the movie we always watch the credits, and as we were watching who did the voices, B said, "I'm surprised Al Gore didn't do one of the voices".

Trash plays a huge part in the movie-- so here we are in the theatre watching a movie with an obvious "take care of the planet" message, and as we walk out, we see all kinds of candy wrappers and trash on the floor by where people were sitting. I guess the message wasn't really noticeable to them. I really have never understood why people cannot pick up after themselves-- put their theatre programs in the designated place for recycling at the theatre, pick up your used tissues and toothpicks you've thrown under your seat, push in your chair when you leave the table at SB, return your shopping cart to the cart corral that is twenty feet from your car in the parking lot--- this really doesn't seem like it's rocket science.

Although after teaching kids for so many years and seeing their custodial habits, maybe it is.


Sandy said...

I soooooo agree with you on the littering. As student council sponsor when I was teaching, my students were not allowed to even drop a toothpick on the ground.

However, I think a lot of the enviromental stuff is bogus. Littering is still my main pet peeve.

danelle said...

I'm pretty much an environmental nightmare, but what bugs me is the excess packaging of stuff. Sometimes I can't believe how little of something there is after you get all the packaging off.