Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's been kind of a weird week and I don't really feel like posting about anything. Everything seems so boring and uninteresting--so why in the world would anyone be interested in...nothing?

This Saturday I'm doing something I'll bet most of you have never done. I'm going to a Bingo/Raffle certification training so I can help with "pickles" for the Arv. Historical Society during the harvest festival in about a month. Pickles are those pull-tab cards that are like lottery tickets--but no scratching. I think this will be a pretty good fundraiser for the group-- people buy those things like crazy.

And that's the highlight of the week.


danelle said...

I'm probably the only one here who knows what pickles are. Remember Al?

Funny that you have to go to a certification class for it. "This is a winner, this is not a winner. Now we will have a quiz."

cb said...

I do remember Al. I think the certification class is for the people that will be responsible for making sure everything is on the up and up when selling them, keeping records, etc. We're kind of the ones in charge of the legal part of the event...and the ones who get in trouble if something goes wrong.