Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tonight I went to a show downtown without B, and it felt really weird. The show was Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women, and it was only for women. I got group seats and had 27 people in my group, but only knew 10 of them. The show was just what I needed-- I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time. I really did miss having B there, especially walking to and from the theatre by myself (I guess my friends aren't as close as I thought they were) but it really was the "secret" comedy of women. Men just wouldn't "get" how funny it was. "Kotex Craft Corner"-- trust me, men just wouldn't get it.

This afternoon I led a tour of people through our city cemetery as part of a historical society event. Members of the historical society portrayed influential Arvada citizens that are buried there. This picture is one of our members portraying Benjamin Wadsworth (yes, THAT Wadsworth). It was so interesting--and everyone did such a good job.

Tomorrow is the annual meeting for the community theatre group that B and I belong to--we're both elected members of the board. Neither one of us is going to run again, and B is seriously considering not even attending the meeting. We've both pretty much had it with the way the board runs things-- he's been feeling like this for a very long time, me--it took me a lot longer. I guess I kept hoping things would change, but it's not, and even I don't want anything to do with the group at this point.Part of me is glad not to have to deal with the non-communication and people who have been with the group for a long time making all the decisions among themselves, but part of me is disappointed because this was something B and I did together. But the older I get, the less tolerance I have for people that don't play fair. Hmmm.... that's one of the reasons I left my school and retired, actually!

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