Friday, October 10, 2008

Brrr..... I think this weekend will be subtitled The Weekend I Put the Cheap Plastic on the Windows So I Don't Freeze All Winter weekend. I skipped that little chore last year because I kept putting it off, and before you knew it, spring had arrived. The winter inside was a chilly one, yes indeed. This place doesn't have great insulation, especially in the floor, so my feet are cold all the time.

This morning I spent about four hours at my friend's school helping her get her bookfair unpacked and set up. This is her first year in the library, and she was a little overwhelmed. Holy crap, it was a chore. There were basically three of us, and then a whole bunch of teachers that stopped in to help for fifteen minutes or so, but not all at once-- it was fifteen here, fifteen there. It wasn't the most fun I've ever had but it sure does look great. Her library is sooooo much bigger than mine--it was wonderful to be able to spread everything out instead of scrunch it all together like I usually had to do.

After that fun I went and got a most wonderful massage. I love when I find a new person at my place that can do a great massage. She was heavenly--it was so what I needed. I was berating myself for not scheduling a two hour massage--but maybe next time.

Tonight is Pick Up Crap Around the House and Find a Place For It Night. It may turn out to be Pick Up Crap and Throw it Away Night after a little while of that fun. Either way, it will be pick up crap night.

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