Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last night we got together to celebrate my dad's 75th birthday-- I was really looking forward to it because all these people never (and I mean never) get together for anything. It was my sister and I and our respective peeps, and my dad and step-mom and her respective peeps (my two stepbrothers and their families). I got there late due to some unexpected delays at the airport--really not a big deal but it was stressing me out. Then I walk in and realize I had forgotten to bring the gift my step-mom was giving to my dad-- and I thought I was going to have a meltdown. I didn't, but not only was I late, now I had forgotten something important that I had been reminded of and still forgot. It put a definite damper on the evening for me, but it was still pretty fun. I wish my nephew would have come, though.

I love this picture of my sister and her oldest daughter, my silly niece.
**NOTE** the new camera--because "she's a photographer now".

And here's my "What am I? Chopped liver?" picture.

My dad and Amanda and Katie--such a great pic.

One thing I did discover at the party-- even if you're in your mid-50's, it still hurts to be called "that big, fat lady" by a kid. Especially when you've got two kids waiting for you at the bathroom door when you come out just to make sure you know that's what they are calling you.


Laurie said...

You have to wonder if that's what the OTHER Elvis would look like, had he survived...

danelle said...

I can't believe the kids said that. Wait, let me remember who I'm talking about. Yes I can believe it.

I wish we could have stayed the whole time.

cb said...

I couldn't believe they said it either. It was not a fun way to end the night.