Monday, October 20, 2008

The weekend in The Park of Estes was fun--but believe it or not, sitting all weekend and scrapbooking can be tiring! It was a very productive weekend for me, though--I completed 64 pages. It was a beautiful weekend in the mountains-- and our cropping room had a wall of windows that looked out over the mountains. And I was sitting across a table from one of my favorite people, so how bad could that be?

And we had a visitor from down below--who discovered that riding for a little over an hour on a beautiful motorcycle can be tiring. He took a scenic route home that was about 3 hours-- so he got lots of good practice, I guess.


danelle said...

Sounds like fun, I called you Fri afternoon to see if you wanted to go to Sonic but I forgot you were gone! I went anyway.

Cindi said...

Mmmm... Sonic. Raincheck!

Laurie said...

YOU are one of MY favorite people!!! Great pic, by the way.