Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm off to Estes Park for a weekend of scrapbooking with Funny Laurie and some and other people--a couple of them I know, most I don't. This is annual autumn event for us, and as always by the time it gets here I usually just want to just head up there and be lazy instead of scrapbook. But since being lazy is how I spend so many of my day now, I guess I'll actually do some scrapbooking.

I've spent the last week going through all my 2008 photos on my computer, printing the ones I've either misplaced or not printed yet, getting them in some kind of order, and yesterday I spent a few hours laying about half of them out on pages to make it easier and faster when I sit down to actually do the scrapbooking.

I still have quite a few last minute things to take care of before I go, and wish I was still in bed sleeping at the moment, but it's all good. It's supposed to be nearly 80 degrees tomorrow-- so it should be a beautiful weekend. I think I have B convinced it would be a nice day for a motorcycle ride to Estes Park tomorrow--so we'll see.

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