Sunday, November 30, 2008

Because of people needing to be hither and yon, my family celebrated our Thanksgiving yesterday. I think I actually liked having it on the Saturday after--maybe we can do that again!

The food was great-- even though we have the exact, same food we have every single Thanksgiving everyone agreed it was the best-tasting we've had. I'm pretty sure it was because it was Saturday and not the really Thanksgiving day.

As you can see from the picture, the dogs were hoping for a little Thanksgiving of their own.

Justin has recently acquired a foosball table. When I think foosball, it takes me back to my college days-- in the dorm lounge or some bar that also had the best video game ever--Pong. Blip......blip.....blip............................ blip. The three men were standing around the foosball table in the garage, looking like they might play, but kind of shuffling around with their hands in their pockets and saying stuff like, "Hmm, neat table" and " Yeah, looks good". I asked them why don't they play but I already knew why--there were only three of them. I said, "I'll play" and we has SO much fun. There was much yelling and groaning and a little cursing but I think we were restraining ourselves for politeness sake. We played a long time, even Emma played for awhile. I wasn't that great, but I did get a few of those slammers into the goal--but purely by accident I'm pretty sure. I also helped the other team make a few goals, so I guess it evened out.

The day was pretty fun, I didn't get chastised by my niece except when we were sitting around the table and they were talking about what we were bringing to Christmas Eve to eat. I didn't really have any interest in deciding my menu for a month from now.

There was one big downer, though. My sister refused to do the robot for us. Damn her.

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