Wednesday, November 05, 2008

--If you're going to buy biscuits in a can, don't skimp and buy the store brand. They suck.

--The last ten minutes of Oprah today was such a cryfest here. Five singers we all know, singing a song about how we're all one together, showing slides of all the key players and their families during the campaign. It was intense.

--I didn't need another reason to be emotional today. I have too many already.

--I need to go to the dentist, I have new insurance and don't have a new one. I really hate having to find new medical people.

--Today I sent an email to someone about a scrapbooking thing coming up in a couple of weeks, and got a reply from her husband that she had passed away last week. I feel sad about the news, but even worse that I hadn't kept up with her over the last few years.

--Looks like Gil and Lady Heather may get together this week on CSI. Hmmm. "Does Sarah know you're here?"

--Here's hoping for a better tomorrow.


danelle said...

I really like my dentist. She's Indian. Like the curry, not the papoose.

Laurie said...

What a shocking reply to your innocent and probably impersonal e-mail. I'm sorry- that would give me the blues, too.