Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm thinking of trying a new gym--the one I've belonged to for quite awhile has lost its appeal for me. Maybe I should actually GO to the gym and try to get back in the groove, but it's unappealing for several reasons. A new fitness place has opened in my general area, and it's only for women, which appeals to me greatly. They also have a Zumba class, which looks like great fun. I'm planning on getting a guest pass and trying the place out for a couple of weeks. I have a feeling the membership fee will be a bit more than I am currently paying for my gym, which does not appeal to me greatly.

Here's a little meme for anyone that needs something to write about. Sometimes I just get stuck. Copy and post on your own blog and let us know you did it.

Five things on my computer table where I'm sitting right now:
1. A plate that had a piece of pecan pie that I just ate on it (see the gym reference above--yikes)
2. my camera (I uploaded pics yesterday)
3. tissues (I have them pretty much everywhere I am)
4. Mango Mandarin hand creme (mmmmm)
5. a lint roller

Five things on my bathroom counter
1. an iron (actually it's sitting in the sink from yesterday--I'm guessing it's probably cooled off by now, don't you think?)
2. three different kinds of body lotion (probably more than three, actually)
3. my curling iron
4. scissors
5. face wipes

Five things in my car that shouldn't be there
1. a big box of old family photos and albums that need to be scanned
2. a container half full of antifreeze
3. my winter coat
4. a jacket
5. a pinwheel leftover from a trip to Boulder in 2002 (it has sentimental value)

Five things in my fridge that should be tossed
1. leftover turkey
2. a bag of salad spinach
3. a bottle of dressing (probably more than one)
4. leftover mashed potatoes
5. leftover gravy (that stuff looks like jello when it's refrigerated--blech)

Five things I wish I had the money to do*:
1. travel to Australia
2. travel to Costa Rica
3. travel to Fiji or Tahiti or Hawaii
4. buy a new car
5. hire a personal trainer three times a week

Five things I don't miss about working:
1. staff meetings
2. getting up in the early hours
3. being evaluated
4. professional meetings
5. always wondering if my principal was upset with me about something I said, did, or thought.

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Laurie said...

Excuse me, but how are the rest of us supposed to participate in the FIVE THINGS I DON'T MISS ABOUT WORKING portion? that's just heartless. Oh, wait, I suppose I could include the five things that I no longer DO that I don't miss. Like planning lessons, and cleaning off my desk, listening respectfully in staff meetings...