Sunday, November 16, 2008

The early Thanksgiving dinner made yesterday turned out great-- I did take photos along the way to make some kind of a silly photo essay, but only made it through the carving of the turkey when my battery died. And my spare was dead, too. What? I wasn't prepared? That's so unlike me. I had misplaced my battery charger recently, so bought a new one. not a name brand one, just a general one. And it did a terrible job of charging my batteries. My spare one should have had a full charge, but nooooo, it didn't. I was very disappointed, but there wasn't a lot I could do about it. Everything turned out yummy-- turkey, homemade stuffing with pecans and dried cranberries added, peas and corn in butter sauce, homemade mashed potatoes with the skin left on, crusty rolls, and homemade pecan pie. Lots of leftovers--hooray. I think I'm going to try making a turkey pot pie tomorrow.

I haven't ever made a turkey before, and I think a part of the reason we did this dinner was so i could do some cooking and make a turkey. I think B might have been a little disappointed I wasn't too interested in getting the turkey ready--meaning pulling out the slimy organ stuff inside, the neck (that was so gross) and the bag with the other organ parts. In my defense, It was 8:30 in the morning, I wasn't really quite fully awake yet, and it looked icky. I told him I'd try it next time, with some warning.

Today we celebrated my niece's 23rd birthday (click the pic to read her shirt)-- and I'm pretty sure I made my older niece mad because I wanted to take a picture of everyone in a group before we left and she didn't really want to so I told her just to go, then. She didn't, and is in the photo, but looks pretty mad. I'll tell you again, folks-- I'm getting my pictures whether you're interested or not.

So-- how about some t.p. for YOUR birthday? :-)

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katie said...

oh my god. the toilet paper picture of me is horrific. i am going to go hide under a rock!

anyway, why didnt you email me the rest?