Thursday, November 13, 2008

The last two days have been busy-- just running around kind of stuff but still, it's been tiring. I have a fully committed weekend beginning tomorrow morning at 9:00. It's full of things I like doing, but these kinds of weekends make me glad I'm retired now.

On Saturday B and I are making a thanksgiving dinner. I haven't really been able to tell if he wants to do this because 1) he won't be able to join my family this year and this is a nice way to still have a turkey dinner together or b) he found turkeys at Sfway for a ridiculous price and bought five. Yes, five. Good thing he has a freezer.

I don't really do much "partner" cooking-- it's either all with my family, or by myself. I'm thinking I'm not really going to get much to do --B tends to have certain ways he wants things done, and I've learned to just let him do them. I'm actually very much the same way, but I find it so much easier to just go along with how he wants to do it. I do have to act like I'm helping make the decisions, but in reality, I'm just agreeing with him.

Now if I could just get HIM to do that at other times, life would be good.

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