Thursday, December 04, 2008

1. Christmas music-- I don't usually listen to anything in the car--I don't like commercials or talking, so that has pretty much eliminated radio in the car. The last few days I've been listening to a radio station that is playing all Christmas music (and has been for a few weeks). I like hearing songs I haven't heard before--and there are lots of them each year. Today I heard one by Faith hill called A Baby Changes Everything. Whoo boy-- powerful words to this one.

2. Not having to get up early every weekday--this is one of my favorite things at the moment.

3. Not having to stand outside in the cold this morning and direct traffic at school-- again, one of my favorites these days. The weather this year has been unusually pleasant, and I think today was one of the few days it would have been a bitter cold morning to be outside on a.m. duty.

4. Public libraries-- The public library has been part of my life since I was a little one. I remember going to the library with my mom on Saturdays (this was before I had a sibling, even) and checking out ten books. I love being able to check out books now instead of buy them.

5. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation dvd-- Next to the Rudolph tv special (which was on last night!) this is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Funny, funny, funny. other top faves are White Christmas and Holiday Inn, which I hope to watch in the next week or so.


Jenn said...

I'm not a fan of Christmas music. I MIGHT tolerate it Christmas Eve and day, but nothing beyond that. I love the 92.5 morning show, but ever since they started playing nothing but Christmas music in what... October??? I've had to stop listening.

danelle said...

I don't like christmas music either I'm afraid. I listen to mostly talk radio in the car, but even that is dismal usually.

Christmas Vacation is one of my favorite movies ever.