Wednesday, December 03, 2008

1. I love my pink slippers-- I never wear shoes at home (and didn't wear them all the time at work at school, either). I take off my shoes and put on my slippers as soon as I walk in the door and drop what I'm carrying. Love the slippers.
2. Eggnog steamers-- I haven't had one yet this year (I know one person who won't believe it, but it's true), but intend to have one soon. I'm trying really hard not to spend so much of my disposable income (of which I have some, but not a lot) at SB, but every once in awhile it's comforting.
3. Mango Mandarin hand cream-- Mmmmmmmm... makes my hands feel all soft and smooth, and the smell is one of my favorites.
4. M--the person who cuts my hair. She's cut my hair since 1980, and it's perfect every time. Except for 1982 when it looked...weird. I see pictures of myself then and it's unbelievable how weird it looks.
5. My computer and all that it lets me do--Take away my television, my phone, my dvd player, my microwave... but hands off the computer.


Cyndi said...

I have only had 2 eggnog steamers myself this year.

Also I do remember that the one thing you want when you get stranded on a desert island is your computer.

Cyndi said...

Hey these things are jumbled up, the lines sort of print right on top of the other one. Hard to read. Computer guru do your thing and fix it.

Cyndi said...

Hey I am not even a computer guru and I fixed it, you taught me good.

danelle said...

I wear my slippers everywhere.

btw I need an eggnog screamer or whatever it is. thank you.