Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I love making Christmas cookies, but don't really like frosting them. Kind of like how I feel about wrapping gifts. I like buying them, don't like wrapping them.

Usually I frost them using a tub or two of canned frosting, tinting it red or green. I think the reason I don't like frosting them is because the frosting never really hardens enough to stack them in a cookie carrier. they always have smoosh marks on them which looks bad. This year-- new plan!! I used the "poured cookie icing" on the Wilton web site--it's kind of like the royal icing we used for decorating cakes when we took the cake classes. It has powdered sugar, milk, and light corn syrup. I also added some vanilla extract. It's lovely! It dries shiny and hard, but not crunchy kind of hard--which is just what I wanted. I wasn't thrilled with how the green turned out--it's much too dark, but I forgot how little of that cake decorator coloring you need to use.

I do miss giving cookies out to people at school-- I wasn't really wanting to drive all over the place delivering them, but maybe next year.


Laurie said...

They look great. I have stopped making cookie icing- I just get the Wilton stuff, too. It tastes great and looks so pretty. In fact, I get it in squeeze bottles, already colored. Sheesh. How will my children know how to do ANYTHING?

Jenn said...

I don't like the taste of frosting, so I never frost cookies. I'll buy Scott a tub and let him put some on his cookies, but that's the most effort I make.

Cyndi said...

I want cookies!