Thursday, January 01, 2009

Even though today was New Year's Day, it kind of felt like any other weekend day. But it wasn't a weekend. Stores were open, we ran errands, watched a movie-- like a typical Saturday. But it wasn't Saturday.

I made lasagna this afternoon, added some garlic bread and a green salad and voila--a home cooked dinner. It was yummy-- and even though the picture looks like we were total pigs, most of the empty spots were the part sent home as leftovers. It wasn't fancy or anything special, but it sure was good eatin'. And you should be totally impressed with how clean my stove looks in this picture. It's rarely that clean. But you can't see the burners. Or rather, that silver ring that goes around the burners. Nasty, I tell you. Rather than clean them, I usually just buy new ones. And when took this picture there was a little piece of lasagna right near that red spoon rest. Gotta love that cloning tool on the software! Poof! Gone! Just like my ass in a picture taken at school last year.

We watched The House Bunny tonight. Some funny lines, but mostly dumb blonde silly. Not that I was surprised, but still.

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