Saturday, January 17, 2009 this thing on? Yeah, yeah, it never gets old.

I just saw Tony Curtis on a Clear Choice dental commercial. He looks bad. Really bad. He looks like an old version of Boy George. Who's in jail, by the way. And have you seen him lately? He also looks bad, Really bad.

This past week I did the Geography Bee at my old school. I was looking forward to it, I love the Bee, but I was exhausted and had a monster headache when it was over. It is such a different process to do activities at a school when you aren't an employee any more. If I was a completely outside person coming in to do a club or something, I don't think I'd do it again, after this experience. Fortunately I still know how the school does things and am not completely surprised when things happen unexpectedly, but the lack of communication is really hard when you depend on the people who work there for help. It was a great Bee anyway--I had some great help from some teachers, and the kids did unbelievably well. After three rounds I turned to the 6th grade teacher next to me who was helping keep score and whispered, "These kids need to start doing worse or we'll be here all day". Afterward two parents and one of the kids each gave me a thank you card, and each card had a really nice note and a gift card for Starbucks--$25.00 each. Unbelievable.

Next week I'm pronouncing the words at the Spelling Bee. Originally someone else was going to do it, but I'm thinking the decision to ask a different person (me) was a wise one. Those words aren't always easy to read, and keeping up with how the rules change in different rounds keeps you on your toes. I've done it for many, many years so am used to it.

I am the Bee Queen.


danelle said...

I think I would be good at a Geography Bee.

Nice gift card gifts! Woot!

Laurie said...

Do you have a secret life? You know, as in The Secret Life of Bees?