Monday, January 05, 2009

I didn't go get a limeade last night-- after awhile I just kind of lost the need for it. Probably a good thing.

Today I took my favorite niece to get groceries (she bought her own and just needed a ride--that's the best kind), and a couple of other errands. The last thing we did was go meet someone to look at a studio apartment she was considering. The neighborhood isn't fabulous, the apartment isn't fabulous, but it's perfect for her. What WAS fabulous and fun was to see how excited she was when she realized this might actually be happening-- after employment checks, a background check, etc... it was probably going to be happening as soon as this weekend. She was beside herself with glee.

Glee is good. Especially when you haven't had much in awhile.


danelle said...

Gotta love the glee.

Mandy said...

Okay, I don't usually read this but I happended to be here and noticed you called Katie your favorite niece? What ever happened to equality?

cb said...

I do that to see if you'll comment. And you did. So it worked! :-)