Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I know we all probably participate in things that we don't love doing--clubs, meetings, etc... But if you aren't really responsible for much and don't really enjoy it as much as you think others are enjoying it, do you keep doing it? I like volunteering, but I don't like working with people who are know-it-alls or aren't fair, or are time wasters.

Now I know I've probably been identified as a know-it-all or unfair or a time waster once or twice in my life, but I don't think any of those labels could ever be attributed to me in a meeting. It annoys me when a group birdwalks here and there, when there is a published agenda right in front of them. I know I am intolerant of people who come to meetings and use it as their social time with their pals, and that feels like a bad way to be since most people I've been with at work or in a volunteer situation don't seem to hold that same truth. So... do you keep volunteering and being part of a group that annoys you, or do you quietly slip away into obscurity?

There will be one or two of you that read this and think you know what this is referencing but you don't, so there. Besides, it doesn't matter what it's referencing. So there, again.


CP said...

Quit sticking your tongue out at me. So there.

cb said...

"Sticking tongue out at you"-- so there.

CP said...

Stop it or I will tell on you. So there.