Friday, January 30, 2009

Whew-- what a busy day. Up at the crack o' dawn and out the door by 7:50, not home til around 5 p.m. I spent part of the morning at a middle school "doing" the area spelling bee. "Doing" means organizing, communicating with the coordinators at 7 schools, making arrangements for the space, getting the word list, pronouncing the words, creating and printing the certificates... for starters. Fun, but I'm such a stickler for details I probably make it more work than necessary. I did (and usually do) get several comments on how organized it is, so I guess it's worth it. I'm glad my "bee" duties for the year (and there have been several) are over.

This afternoon I spent four hours in the classroom of a teacher I'm working with at another school. There have been some issues between her and the principal, and it's pretty serious, so I've been assigned by the teacher's union and the school district to work with her to see if things can be improved on both sides. It's a stressful situation, mostly because I'm not seeing all the things I've been told are happening (or not happening). She showed me her evaluation from last year-- it was great. I feel like I'm caught in the middle. I've been there three times and each time I leave completely wiped out.

The next two weeks are really busy and then after that... a little slower. All my Fridays from Jan 16 through Feb 27 are committed to something. Seems like Friday is everyone's favorite day.

On Wed I stopped by the middle school where the spelling bee was going to be held to confirm and check things with the librarian (it was being held in the library) and after we were done, I went to find their instructional coach. She was my first teammate the first year I was teaching, and for many years after that. She got me through that first year of not really knowing which side was up. She's always been super healthy, has taken really good care of herself, and is the most positive person I've ever known. The last few years she's had a rough go of it-- and in December finished her second round of chemo for some pretty serious cancer that was discovered a few years ago, which got taken care of and came back. I hadn't seen her in awhile, and it was so good to see her. I hadn't even considered that she wouldn't have her hair-- and it took me by surprise just for a second, but she looked great. I'm so glad I got to see her.

I'm it's time to drag myself to bed.

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