Friday, February 27, 2009

Brrr--it's cold and really windy! I subbed today at a school that's a bit of a drive from where I live, and on the drive home came through the windiest part of the world ever. Oh my gosh-- it was like driving in a force field. When I left the school and walked to my car, I was pelted with gravel and dirt right as I reached my car. Ow!

Last night I went to see the stage version of Phantom of the Opera downtown--it was amazing. I've seen the show three or four times, but this was probably the best performance I've seen. The Phantom part has some pretty high singing notes in his songs, and ones I've seen before are usually a little flat on the really high notes. This person was right on pitch--it was great. One thing I noticed is that during several silent times in the show, there was not one sound anywhere in the audience. It was like everyone was mesmerized. We had amazing seats, and there were a lot of people there that I knew (I had a big block of seats) so it was fun to see them. A very nice night. I just wish theater tickets weren't so expensive--I'd like to see this one again!

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