Friday, March 06, 2009

Like the majority of the free world (meaning "most people I hang around with") I'm really glad it's Friday and the end of a work week.

I've finished my commitment of working with the teacher in her classroom, and that is a good thing. I met with the principal last week and listed the things I saw and the changes the teacher has made. the principal was thrilled with the report, so hopefully these things are still in place when the principal pops in for a visit. But I'm done, and glad to be done. My last day with her was Wednesday, and on Thurs morning the district person called me and said they had another person that needed some mentoring and would I be interested. They didn't know I was done with this first person yet, so the timing was really interesting! I told them I needed a little break, so thanks, but no thanks. And good for me, because my usual style is to take on things I don't want to take on, because I like to help people out when they need it. I'm glad I could say no.

I am taking a little break from most things next week-- I'll be hanging around home most of the time and just being a homebody. One reason is I need a break, but the main reason is because I'm getting a new kitty Sunday night. She's coming over from Utah and from what I've heard she's supposed to be a really wonderful, mellow, loving kitty. I hope after riding in a car for 9 hours she's still mellow! I was hoping to get two kitties, but the other one got adopted last weekend.

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday with the family. I picked a barbecue place and I think everybody but one person enjoyed it, and even that person wasn't too bothered. personally, I thought it was yummy. All the nieces and nephews got to come this time--that was really nice. Almost everyone else was there-- one person was sick, they missed some good food! Sunday night I went to my dad's for dinner for my birthday--that was good, too. CP came with me-- that was really fun.

I need a nap.

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