Saturday, February 07, 2009

I've spent the last three days and two nights at a literacy conference--the conference I'm responsible for in two years. I spent all day Friday with a wonderful author-- it was a great treat to be with her all day for her book signings and a luncheon featuring her as the speaker.

The conference was good, but I am overwhelmed at the coming two years! I finally got to the point where I thought if one more person said to me anything about the magnitude or stress of the responsibility, I thought I was going to start slapping people. Making those kinds of comments are not supportive, they are completely unnecessary. I already feel like that--no need to add to it.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow-- last night I stayed in the hotel room of the person who is doing the conference next year, and she is such a snorer I got absolutely no sleep. Seriously, it was bad. Really bad. But what's really bad, I'm pretty sure she'll be my roommate for a national literacy conference I'm being sent to in Minneapolis in May. I'll be taking some sleep aids with me, that's for sure.

Later note... after looking at this photo I realize I'm glad I have an appointment to get my hair cut on Monday. Man, it looks like a haystack!


Cyndi said...

Now you start slapping people you probably would be relieved of the in charge position, so be careful. See I should have come to big hotel and shared the room instead. Hope you a good time.

cb said...

I wish you HAD been there to stay with. How about next year?

Mr. Pete said...

I'm so glad you got that picture of you with PP. Is she wise? Sweet? Gracious? Granola?
Laurie (on P's settings)

cb said...

She's very wise, salty (language-wise), very "real", not pretentious at all.