Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another early start to the day-- and glad the last four or five days are over. Today I picked up a very well-known children's book author at the train station downtown. She's in town for two weeks of school visits and a day at a big literacy conference in Denver. Her train was scheduled to arrive at 7:15 am, but actually arrived at 6:45 am on the dot. Fortunately I'd been checking the train status every hour or so until I went to bed, and it was still scheduled for 7:15. When I got up at 6 am, I discovered the train was now arriving at 6:45--so I flew around getting dressed (I seem to be doing that on a regular basis these days) and headed downtown. I've never been to the train station before and didn't really know where to park or meet her or anything.

I was there with about ten mins to spare, found a close parking spot, and found the entrance to the platform. They don't let people up on the platform anymore, but the security guard let me go after I didn't see her coming down the tunnel. We got all her stuff loaded in the car and headed to the hotel. I wasn't really sure the best way to get back on the highway heading south, and saw what I thought was the freeway entrance and headed in. Turns out it was the HOV lane which was fine, but it was going the opposite direction that I needed. And that thing doesn't have a place to get off and turn around for MILES--I actually ended up north of where I LIVE (way far in the wrong direction) before I could exit and turn around. She didn't notice--she was too busy yakking. But she was so interesting to talk to--I'm really looking forward to spending the day with her on Friday.

The train station was really pretty neat-- the ramp down to the trains was packed with people getting on the ski train. I kept having to dodge skis and poles as I walked by people. I had to go to the ticketing/waiting area of the station to ask a question, and that was really neat. It looks really old--with the high-backed wooden benches, like you see in old movies. Very cool.

I think tomorrow is going to be a spa day. I wish it was at a real spa, but I'll settle for a massage at the usual place and a pedicure someplace else. I really need it. Wanna go with me?


danelle said...

You can always call me for freeway / downtown help - even that early.

I've always wanted to go poking around Union Station. Sounds neato.

rr said...

I would have loved to go to a spa day on a Monday but some of us suckas still gotta work! :-P