Saturday, May 02, 2009

I have done a lot of walking today--we walked quite a bit downtown late afternoon and early evening, and my feetsies are tired. My roomie is someone that lives up near Steamboat--I've met her before but didn't know her well. I like her a lot--tonight we both went to buy new suitcases. The one she brought is h-u-g-e, and I do mean huge. I bought a new one because last night I packed, and decided to change suitcases because this other one had the handle part on the outside of the bag which I like better. So I repacked everything into this one I brought, and carried it to the car this morning. I parked the car at the shuttle lot, got the suitcase out and pulled up the handle to head toward the shuttle. I TRIED to pull up the handle, that is. I forgot that this suitcase handle had bent last time I used it, so it doesn't pull up. Have you ever tried to pull a wheeled suitcase without pulling the handle up? It's murder on your back, and it doesn't maneuver very well. So tonight we stopped at Target on the way back from dinner (a two-story Target in downtown Minneapolis!) and bought a new suitcase each. Then walked the 5 blocks back to the hotel, pulling them behind us. Nothing screams "TOURIST!" like walking downtown in a big city pulling luggage behind you.

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Nell said...

That is hilarious!