Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm tired of walking.

Today a few of us went to the Mall of America. People, It is JUST a mall. But it was fun, anyway. My favorite place was The QVC Store. I got KT's birthday present(s) there. I wonder what in the world it could be? Hmmm..... My lips are sealed, no amount of persuading can unlock them. I also got some mineral make-up--we'll see how that goes.

Tonight was an awards thing that we had to go to because our state reading council got an award. As did about 5,487 councils. It only took about 45 mins though, and then we walked a few blocks to a British Pub to have dinner. I had to send my hamburger back twice because it had pink in the middle. Hey cooking person, when I actually tell you "It's okay if it's burned" that's a clue that I want it really well done. We all thought I'd get the burger taken off the bill for that (twice--I sent it back twice) but I still got to pay for it. Next time I'm ordering soup.

Tomorrow is a lot of trying to find authors and speakers and see if they might want to come to my conference in 2011-- more walking, I'm guessing. Tomorrow night is The Colorado Event--organized by the outgoing president of the Colorado Reading Council. We're going on a riverboat cruise--should be fun. I hope it's not freezing out there on the water, because my jacket is toasty and warm in my dryer at home.

Early morning tomorrow--the first speaker of the day is the author of The Kite Runner. Funny Laurie--you reeeeally should be here.


Nell said...

Now you will end up buying a new coat to go with your new suitcase.

Cyndi said...

New suitcase, new coat, Katie's birthday (I know what it is), you won't be able to get all that stuff back on the plane.
By the way the wait staff probably didn't tell the cooking staff it was okay to "burn the burger".
Seeing Izzy in the a.m., hope she is okay with me.

Laurie said...

"The Kite Runner" and "Funny Laurie" really do NOT go together in the same sentence.

cb said...

But Laurie--he was SO interesting as a speaker. I haven't read the book, but plan to when I get back.

katie said...

is it LOCK N LOCK?!??!?!?!