Monday, May 04, 2009

Walking is highly overrated.

Today was spent walking the exhibit hall for hours and hours, introducing ourselves to publishers that might have speakers and authors we can invite to our conference. Since my conference isn't until 2011, I didn't really put myself out there so much--the person who is doing the 2010 conference needs to face time with them more than I, so I'm just kind of following her around.

Tonight the whole group went on a riverboat cruise down the Mississippi River--very relaxing. It was an event planned by the outgoing president of our state council. It's a standing tradition that this person plans some kind of "Colorado Event" during the week sometime--so that should be fun! We'll be in Chicago the year I do that, so hopefully I'll find something fun to do in that area.

It's only 8:00 CO time, but I could easily go to bed!


Nell said...

Did you need a coat?

cb said...

No I didn't end up needing a coat--it was a really nice evening that night.