Thursday, June 11, 2009

At the moment is is so dark in my living room I need the lights on to do anything. Looks like a storm is coming/is here and when it's this dark that usually means rain rain rain. I think I'd better get my socks and tennies rather than my flip flops today. Brrr--I don't enjoy cold feet.

I am in the early stages of booking authors and speakers for the 2011 literacy conference I'm chairing, and today I sent an message to the person who books the person who played the hoodlum character on Happy Daze. Yes, I'm trying to avoid searches from google-ites. Once I was having a relatively unknown local author for a day at my school, and read her book to every class within the span of a week. By Friday I was so bored with the book--and wrote about that fact on my blog. The next day she sent me an email letting me know her publisher had let her know her name was showing up on a blog. It was a little embarrassing.

HW has written quite a few children's books (chapter books--a series) so would be perfect for this conference. I met him and heard him speak at the fancy dinner I went to in November. I know his usual fee is $25,000-40,000, and I don't have ANYWHERE near that, so in my message I included info about exactly what kind of $$ I did have. I know there's probably no chance it will be successful, but you don't know til you ask, right?? And I wouldn't even stick my thumbs in the air and say "Ayyyy!" when I saw him--so that's got to count for something.


Laurie said...

I hope when you approached him, you threw in your logo and the overall theme. I'll be sending positive thoughts- he really would be perfect.

Cyndi P said...

This looks like it could be a good time, maybe I need to come work the check in table or something!