Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Went to see Rent tonight, and we stopped at a 24 hour Starbucks on the way home, so didn't get back to B's area til around midnight. He dropped me at my car, we chatted for a bit, then he said, "Oh no!" My car window was completely shattered, glass all over the place inside in the front on the passenger side, glove box opened and rifled through, and my car registration laying on the seat. Nothing was taken, and I think it's because they had tried to pry the window frame off, and I think the window shattered when they did that. The bent window frame also caused the lock to stop functioning, so in order to get anything they would have had to reach inside pretty far. All my cds were there, all my KEYS to my house, B's house, KF's house--all still there. My messenger bag in the back seat with all my reading conference paperwork--still there. There were quite a few big flat pieces of glass still hanging from the frame but since it is tempered glass it wasn't like they were shards. By the time I had driven less than quarter of a mile, they had all fallen out. B loaned me his jacket to wear on the way home--it was freezing.

The part that is almost as annoying as the actual incident-- knowing I have to spend time filing a claim, getting estimates, getting it fixed, paying a deductible.... I hope karma bites them in the ass.

Update later: I called the insurance company around 10:00 this morning, was at the body shop at 11:20, and left with a rental car at 11:50. I didn't even know I GOT a rental car! The insurance adjuster said the insurance company would have classified it as undrivable for safety reasons--so when they asked me this morning if I could drive it I of course said yes because after all, it was only a window. He changed the claim to reflect the new classification, I signed here and there and here, he handed me off to the rental car person, and I was on my way in less than thirty minutes. I can't believe how easy and effortless it all was. I remember many years ago it took weeks to even get a body shop appt, no rental car, lots of paperwork--- so different! I should have my car back Friday most likely-- and I'm driving a smooth Chevy Impala. Two rental cars in the span of less than a week-- wheeee.


Cyndi said...

Go to Elite AutoGlass by Target on 80th, they will do everything. Or just call them and they will come to you.

Jenn said...

Oh no, that really sucks. Good luck getting it fixed, I hope it's not too much of a pain.