Friday, July 03, 2009

By now Jen has arrived and is probably unpacking around the clock to get settled in Washington. Elke is basking in the St Thomas sun and drinking beverages delivered to her while she's in the water. David is on a performance tour of Europe with the Colorado Symphony... and I'm here blogging, getting ready to watch what is probably a repeat of The View. Where's the equity of that?

There is so little going on for me at the moment that most days the only reason I get dressed is because I have to out in the real world and feed someone else's cats. For many days it's been way too hot to even want to get dressed-- but I could use a few days in a row of cool weather so I could get some things done around the house---and there is a lot I could be doing. I don't mind the hot so much, but when it's really hot I have zero motivation to do anything, much less pick up around the place and do laundry.

Tomorrow the fam is getting together to celebrate KT's one year of clean living. I had lunch with her yesterday and have to say, I enjoy hanging with her SO much. She's smart, funny, and hard-working and her life is an open book. She's waaaay more wise than her 23 years--probably because she's lived a lifetime already.

Maybe a trip to the library is in order today.

So are you still awake after this so very interesting post?


Jenn said...

I would so much rather have been blogging and watching tv than unpacking. This sucks.

Anonymous said...

Blogeois said...

Blogging ain't so bad.

Okay, maybe that St. Thomas thing wouldn't suck so much...maybe she'll blog from the water too?