Saturday, July 04, 2009

Twilight Zone episodes all day long-- I'm a happy camper.

Breakfast with the family this morning and it was so so good--they make killer green chile (it says so in the menu and now I agree). The place was jam-packed...even though it's in downtown Denver, I think it's more like a neighborhood diner-type place. Next time I'm sitting at a different end of the table. I'm done being the designated talk-to-the-ten-year-old-who-doesn't-really-talk-all-during-the-meal person for at least one get-together. That's something we can take turns on.

I did like being able to clone my belly out of this photograph. Gotta love that editing software.

Such a lazy kind of day. No bbqs, no bike rides, no fireworks for me. Just a cat who has meowed non-stop the whole time I've been home-- I guess that's better than finding my checkbook chewed to pieces.

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danelle said...

Can you clone me into a size 6?