Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The vet appt went without a hitch---even getting the kit cat into the carrier wasn't that challenging. I put some little treats in the back of the carrier, and as soon as she was in, zipped it up. The only bad thing about that technique is that it usually only works once. These cats, they be mighty smart. The drive to the animal hospital was completely uneventful-- there was a little bit of meowing when we got started, but not a peep the whole way there and back on the highway. I am attributing that to the long drive from Utah when she was coming to me. She seems to be used to a highway ride in the car.

Dr. R thought said she was between two and four years old-- older than I was expecting. Something about some lines or something on her teeth or in her mouth? Her official age for the paperwork was deemed to be two years so we're going with that.

Izzy also got micro chipped, and a rabies shot. She was pretty quiet during the check-up, but hissed when she got her temperature taken. Not a surprise.

I also got an air-freshener device that plugs into an outlet, and it emits a pheromone exclusively designed for cats to help change bad behaviors. The vet said it should make Izzy be more calm and not so destructive, and hopefully sleep through the night. I guess we'll see! I'm willing to try anything!

note: Without intending to I conked out on the couch about 5:45 and woke up about 7:45. Maybe I got the human person pheromone sleep through the night device instead of the kitty one.

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danelle said...

Do they have those things for children, or husbands - or bikers? lol