Monday, November 02, 2009

Tonight I did something I almost talked myself out of, but am so glad I did it anyway. I went to a book signing at the Tattered Cover-- Pioneer Woman's new cookbook just came out last week. I almost didn't go because I didn't want to go by myself, but I am so glad I went. You know how "the universe" works things out sometimes? When I arrived there were quite a few empty seats (I was pretty early) so I chose one and sat and started looking through the cookbook. Not too long after, a very nice woman sat beside me and that helped make for a lovely evening. Brenda--if you find your way here to my blog--welcome! And thanks for being so easy to talk to! And thanks for giving me a copy of your recipe!

Pioneer Woman was gracious, and kind, and humble, and beautiful. Her cookbook is full of wonderful recipes, but also wonderful stories about her family and the ranch. I took several photos while she was answering questions, and then my battery icon started blinking--then it dies. No worries, I had a spare which I popped in, and discovered it was completely dead as well. Those that know me well know In this case, I had checked the second battery in the charger last week, and since no light came on to indicate it was charging, I assumed it was full of juice. Nooooo... what that meant was the outlet I was using to check wasn't working as it should, so the light wasn't blinking because ... well, because it wasn't. I did get pics and was happy with what i got, but I would have liked to have had a photo of the both of us.

It was pretty obvious the TC wasn't prepared for the number of people that showed up for this event. When I arrived almost two hours before the event, only about 60 chairs had been set up. I knew immediately that would not be enough. By 7:00, half an hour before the scheduled start, the place was packed. And I mean packed. The room was wall to wall people, up both stairs two and three deep, and the first floor was filled, and up the stairs to the second floor. The TC people said when they were preparing they had no idea she was the "rock star" she was. I was so glad I got there when I did--I got a chair, and only had to wait about an hour to get my book signed.

I ended up having to buy a book there (full price--dang!) because the two I ordered from amazon hadn't arrived on my doorstep yet (my UPS deliveries come after 5:30 usually) so I headed on downtown and just bit the money bullet. When I got home I stopped and checked my mail. Guess WHAT I got in the mail today? My two cookbooks! I forgot amazon ships by the postal service, not UPS. Ah well... that just means someone else might benefit from my not checking the mail before I went.

All in all, a really nice evening.

Thank you, universe.


Brenda S Okie in Colorado said...

What a pleasure it was to meet you last night! You made the evening so much more fun. Yes, we were definitely the lucky ones to be on the fourth row! There were some upset people commenting today on PW. Wish your camera had not died, so I could have taken pics of you with her. I appreciate you doing that for me so much. She definitely is gracious and beautiful and I'm so happy we got to meet her.
Let me know if you like my recipe.
Love your blog.
Keep in touch,

Laurie said...

yay! SO GLAD you were able to get there and enjoy it.

Jenn said...

How fun! I'm glad it was such a great turn out for her... I've only tried a couple of her recipes but they were great.

The Park Wife said...

Glad you got to be there, I heard that Denver was not prepared for her. I guess Walmart in Arkansas was not such a bad idea.
The Park WIfe