Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I've become on of those people. One of those people that have replaced blogging with facebooking. I don't twitter (although every few weeks or so I read a couple of people I pretend to follow but don't really follow)--I just can't take on one more social connection, I guess.

One of my favorite things about the Christmas time is getting Christmas cards with photos in them. I have a special scrapbook album I use for just those pictures, and it's fun to see how families have changed over the years. One thing I've seen more and more of is people sending Christmas photo cards with only their kids or grandkids in the photo. Okay... I'll agree the kids are cute and all, but I.don't.know.those.kids. Most of them I've never even met. There are a couple of people I'm fairly close to that I've finally convinced that they actually need to be in the photo as well (spouses too...) but it's not something you can really suggest to everyone. "Hey--thanks for the photo. But I'd rather see you in the picture, too--so change that for next year, okay?"

The not-so-new cat has really become a part of the family here at the local casa. For a couple of weeks he hid someplace upstairs, and would come down to eat then run back upstairs. He would run away anytime I came near him, and was pretty anxious about most everything. He has a habit of licking his nose once or twice when he's nervous about something, and he hasn't done that for quite some time now. He stays downstairs with Izzy and me all the time, and he and Izzy have become race around the house buddies. He loves to be petted and scratched, and he jumps up on me every now and then--which I take as a sign of trust. Hopefully someday he will come upstairs at night and sleep on the bed as all my other felines have done, but that may take awhile. For now, he's just trying to make himself at home. And we're awfully glad to have him.


Peggy said...

Hi There, I think I've only commented on one other blog - once. I just wanted you to know that I've been reading yours for a few years. I'm sure there are many other silent readers out there! Please don't stop your blog. Oh, and have a great 2010!


Nell said...

I'm glad they are getting along! stallyto