Thursday, December 10, 2009

Started a new book -----------> I read this author's blog, and thought I'd try one of her books. It's a really easy read, and I need those kinds of books these days. I don't read fiction as much as I used to, but non-fiction takes too much energy and presence of mind to digest, and I just don't have it at the moment. Next stop: books on cd. Then I won't even have to read them.

It's been bitter cold here for the last week. On Tuesday the high reached 7 degrees, and yesterday the low was -7 degrees. Today was a balmy 37 degree high. It actually felt decent-- after days of well below freezing temps, it did feel balmy.

While I don't miss working, I do miss the Christmas energy around school this week and next. Secret Santa, looking forward to a school break, etc... We used to do Christmas projects but not much of that is done anymore. We used to make red and green paper chains to decorate the room (can't do that now because of the motion-sensor security that would be set off by things hanging from the ceiling), wrote letters to Santa and had the 6th graders write back as "Santa" (don't do that because Santa is too Christmas-y), had extra recesses just because (recesses are verboten nowadays except at lunch)... the weeks before Christmas was a fun time. Now it's more like "way back when" for those kinds of things.

Time to go dig out the Christmas movies.


Laurie said...

The book looks good. I'll give it a try. Her blog is witty. I had never seen it before.

Anonymous said...

Blogeois said...
Hoping you have a very Merry Christmas and a great 2010. Send your cold weather our way!