Sunday, January 03, 2010

I've spent the weekend blowing my nose, wiping watery eyes, blowing my nose some more, and irrigating my sinuses every few hours. I'm pretty sure it's all due to allergies which is probably better than a cold, but my gosh it's getting old. Thank GOODNESS for Puffs with poor nose is having a tough time of it. And while I don't feel spectacular, you know what's really good about all of this? I don't have to go to work tomorrow! That's one thing I love about being retired. If I don't feel well, or have had a really busy day, I can be a couch potato the next day. And the next. And the next.

On New Year's Day B and I went to breakfast at a Denver area landmark--Davies Diner. It was so good--and so cheap! My two egg, bacon, hash browns, and hotcakes breakfast was 5.75. B's chicken fried teak breakfast was 7.95. And the drinks were 1.25. One of our biggest complaints about going out to eat these days is the cost of drinks. Almost all restaurants are over 2.00 for iced tea or soda--most close to 2.49. While that won't break the bank, it definitely adds to the bill. Yes, I am really that little old lady that complains about the price of drinks now.

Time to go blow my nose.

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Nell said...

We usually stick to water when we go out to eat because of that. We're so frugal that we can eat out on a coupon for around $10 but with drinks it goes up considerably.