Monday, January 04, 2010

Project Life

One of my nieces is joining me in a year long effort called Project Life. It's a scrapbooking kit that can be used to document the year in photos and words. I don't know about K, but I am woefully behind in my photos! I took some on Jan 1 of our breakfast at the diner, but after that it's been all about me going through tissues at an amazing rate, watching movies, and nothing else much that's interesting. I'm pretty good at improvising so I'm not too concerned, but I guess it's made me realize how boring I am!

One more week til I go back to work for a few months. I'll be a half-time librarian at a school here in A from Jan-end of March. I'm kind of looking forward to the routine, not looking forward to walking in not knowing anyone. I never have been really good at that. Like churches and many other organizations, there are unspoken standards and norms for parking your car (yes, people have designated parking places even if they aren't marked) and for who sits where in the lounge for lunch/pews for services and where they sit at staff meetings. It never takes long to figure things out, but it's always like the first day of school at a new school.


Nell said...

I remember going to a church a few times and finding some other family in "my" pew. lol

Laurie said...

Isn't that the truth... I asked a neurologist once if he thought there was something I could do about Rose's inflexibility and he immediately talked about adults and "their" spots in meetings. It was -kind of- reassuring.