Saturday, February 13, 2010

I didn't watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics last night. I guess I don't usually--- not for any reason, I guess I'm usually either not home or forget. I do wonder why we have to be inundated with the mistakes or bad news from everyday life-- the "gaffe" in the ceremonies, the death of one of the lugers... over and over and over. It seems to be human nature to point out flaws--I know from past experience (principals-- take note. Encouragement goes a long way to help build morale, rather than pointing out your perception of what we're doing wrong).

Yesterday I was the taxi for my niece-- doctor's appt and Target. I waited in the car during the doctor's appt-- mostly because I knew it would be a long wait and I wanted a little nap! It was almost two hours, and when she called and said she was waiting for her prescription I discovered my car battery was dead. I'd left the lights on while I was sitting there waiting. DUMB! And as is so typical for me, I had been meaning to renew my AAA membership for two months and still hadn't done it. But I knew I could do that over that phone so I did, and 30 min later had a car that started. No car-to-car jumper cables nowadays I guess--the tow truck guy had a nifty little box o' battery power that he hooked right up to my battery and vroom-- there you go. Very slick.

I {heart} AAA.

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Laurie said...

Well that AAA renewal by phone and 30 resurrection are good. Maybe the IOC needs you...