Friday, February 12, 2010

So glad it's the weekend.

Busy week...I keep waiting for the time when things slow down a bit but it's just not happening. This weekend has less on the calendar than the last few have and that's a good thing.

I've been looking at things to order as gifts for various times and people in the next year for the literacy conference. Each time we have a board of directors meeting, they get a gift from me. Each time the conference committee meets, they get a gift from me. These aren't big things necessarily, but it sure is fun figuring out what I want. It's even more fun to spend money that's not my own. The first gift will be a cellophane bag with sticky notes, a really neat pen (blue) and a really neat clip (purple)---all with the 2011 conference logo printed on them. In January the conference committee all get a pretty nice gift--this past year we all got a keychain digital photo frame. My theme is On the Road to Literacy, so some of the gifts will be chosen with that in mind-- travel kits, roadside car emergency kits, etc. It's like shopping for Christmas but having someone else pay for it!


Laurie said...

You're cool.

cb said...

Thanks for noticing. Tell everyone you know.

If you help me at the conference you'll get presents, too... I'm just sayin'..... And a free hotel room.

And by helping I mean following me around or attending sessions and maybe getting me Starbucks. :-)