Friday, July 16, 2010

It's not an unusual occurrence to get together with people I knew in high school. In fact, it happens on a fairly regular basis. I feel lucky to not only still be connected with these people, but to actually know them better now that I ever did in back in high school.

As a high schooler, people in band and choir were my main circle of friends. I'm still in contact with my high school band director--he comes out to dinner with some of us periodically. Band and choir trips were the highlight of the school year, and that was traveling to competitions in Boulder, Canon City and southern Colorado, not Hawaii or California. My best memories are still from band and choir events.

Tonight I met two friends from high school at a local hangout in Olde Town. Another person we knew from high school was part of a group that was singing at the place. It was a great night, and it reinforced for me once again how comfortable we all feel with each other after all these years. I'm in touch with and friendly with people that I never would have talked to in high school-- cheerleaders, football players,.. the "cool" kids. The band kids weren't really ever thought of as cool, that's for sure. But after knowing each other for over 40 years, we all really enjoy each other's company, and when we get together we have a really good time. I also had a killer feta and sun dried tomato pizza on wheat crust...mmmm.....

There are still a couple of people (I can think of two right away) I still don't have any interest in hanging with... they are still a little full of themselves and even seeing their names on other people's Facebook page brings a little feeling of dread.

I guess sometimes we all really do feel like we're still in high school.


danelle said...

Sometimes I can't believe I'm a grownup.

Laurie said...

I agree with the part about how the passage of time made all those cliques dissolve... but I also agree that there is still the intimidation factor in some cases.