Saturday, August 21, 2010

It seems I have abandoned my blog, which is not actually true. I visit here often, but nothing seems worthy of sharing, or I'm in a funk and that's definitely not worth sharing.

It's damn hot tonight. The temp says 72 which should be very pleasant, but it doesn't feel pleasant. There are times when it feels as though fall is slowly making itself known in small ways--- longer shadows in the morning when I get up, much cooler at night with the bedroom window fan going. I actually used my quilt one night last week.

School starts on Monday for kids in my district. I miss seeing them for the first time in a few months, the hugs, the "Hi Ms. B!" in the hall, the stopping at Starbucks on the way for something for Rose and me, and I really, really miss the library. I miss the actual room, and the books, and the comfy chairs, and the read aloud area, the windows. I miss "my" library.

But I don't miss working. At all.

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Cyndi P said...

Just so you know that others come here to look. Also I miss the library also, I so enjoyed my time working there with you.