Thursday, August 26, 2010

One of the first blogs I read each day is Sizzle Says. I am always amazed at how closely many parts of her life parallel mine. Today she started with this: I'm just going to come out and say it. We're struggling.

She's referring to her boyfriend and her-- they've recently moved in together and are finding the new roommate situation a little challenging sometimes. They love spending time together, both wanted to do this, but as with most big changes, it's hard.

Take away the boyfriend and insert any one of several things I'm working on at the moment and that's my opening line. I'm struggling. I'm trying to do too many things--- some of them are things I should have done a few weeks ago, and am now catching up. But I have other things on my timeline that need to be done now, so the other things are added to the current things. Add to this the fact that several people are depending on me to accomplish this or that by such and such date so they can move on with what they are doing, and I'm behind.

I have a few life tenets that are non negotiable:

I want to do what's expected of me when it's expected.
I don't want to make more work for anyone else.
I want to do what I promise I will do.

I'm not failing miserably at any of them, but it's borderline. I don't like to let people down when I'm supposed to be doing things for them. At the moment I'm starting to catch up but it has come at a cost. Major meltdown yesterday, a proverbial throwing in of the towel, then went and found the towel and hung it back up (metaphorically).

What keeps coming to mind is that poster from the seventies with a rope, and a cat hanging on at the end of rope, with the words: When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.

Hanging on..... but barely.

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Nell said...

Im sure there isnt anything I can do to help but if there is, let me know. I remember something you posted a long time ago and I think of it OFTEN.

The most effective prayer is usually "help me, help me help me." But make sure you follow it up with "Thank you thank you thank you."