Thursday, January 20, 2011

I guess I haven't taken any photos since Christmas. I love these family pictures.
  • The wind is blowing like crazy at the moment and I always wonder if there are any kitties outside trying to find a place to spend the night. I wish people wouldn't let their cats out. Ever.
  • This week on Oprah the shows have been about the trip to Australia she went on with her audience. I really want to go to Australia and snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. I don't want to wear the special snorkeling suits though (to prevent jellyfish stings).
  • I've been reminded what great friends and family I have. I needed some specific help with certain parts of the literacy conference I've been working on for nearly two years. There have been some people that have really stepped up to help-- presenting sessions, spending time at the conference as greeters, manning the information tables, ferrying people between hotels, taking photographs. Lucky, lucky me.
  • All of my family is coming to one or other of the luncheons at the conference. I'm sure it helps that I'm paying for all their lunch tickets, but I'm glad they are coming.
  • I haven't read anything on my Kindle since long before Christmas. However, I am playing Blackjack on it pretty regularly.
  • I bought an iPad and feel dumber than a box of rocks because I don't really know how to use it very well. I'm pretty good with technology, but not so good with the iPad yet.
  • Why is Airborne so expensive?
  • I've had two movies from Netflix since June. I guess I'm not really going to watch them, am I?
  • The wind is still blowing. Glad I'm not outside. Although it's after midnight, so I suppose I wouldn't really have a reason to be out there on a Thursday night.


Laurie said...

I have a friend who accidentally brushed into fire coral, and therefore I am urging you to wear the special suit.
When you snorkel.
In Australia.
At the Great Barrier Reef.

Laurie said...

You ALWAYS, ALWAYS step up and help, and you ALWAYS show up when you know something matters. I will never forget my delight when I saw you at my brother-in-law's book signing. You are a great friend, and I am happy to hear that you're getting support where you need it.

Laurie said...

Kind of bumming that the iPad is complex. There are supposed to be lots of great apps for those with learning disabilities...

danelle said...

I am no help at all but I am coming to eat a lunch.

It's windy right now too and I always worry about sad animals outside. My cats do go outside but just for a little bit,and never overnight.