Thursday, October 26, 2006

Well, here I am at the brand spanking new library in the downtown area of my little village. All the public computers are on the second floor-- which also has the "Attitude" area (that's really what the sign says)-- a place created just.for.teenagers. Those of you that know me know just what hell I am in right now. And my gosh-- they have a bazillion computers and they are all being used all the time. Thank goodness for the "reserve a computer" option at the library.

I am still without a computer at home, which isn't so bad as long as I am working every week day. When turkey vacation comes I may be twitching, but I'd be oh so very surprised if I didn't have a computer by then. I've pretty much decided to get the hard drive replaced in my imac and get a pc laptop. I just can't seem to give up my beloved mac, no matter what.

This has been a weird week at school for me--on Mon, Tues and Wed I virtually had no classes to teach, except the kindergarten writing group I do every day and the 4th grade geography class I do every day. I had lots of classes come through to just check out books, but that's not the same as teaching. It was weird--but I did get a LOT done. I really never have weeks like this, so I took advantage of it. There were some team meetings going on each day with half day subs in the classrooms, so there were a lot of substitutes. Teachers tend not to use the library as much in that case.

I watched Take the Lead last night--loved it a lot. I even liked the hip hop music in it-- and it was a pretty good story. I've been pretty much a couch potato the last couple of nights-- TV hasn't been that great so hooray for nettie flickers. I have a stack of books from school I really need to read before Monday--I'm about a fourth of the way through one really long one. It's really good, but I need to read at some other time than right before bed. I don't seem to last vwery long when I do that.

The book fair is arriving in a week and a half-- crazy times they are a comin', I tell you. And the week after book fair is Thanksgiving, then it's Santa time. Whee-- it's a time machine!

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