Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm actually writing and posting this from Panera-- thanks to free WiFi and a loaner laptop from one of my volunteer moms. This won't be long post--for several reasons. 1) With my reading glasses on I need to be about 10 inches or less from the screen, so the vision thing is a little iffy. 2) I have the laptop balanced on my lap--and my belly isn' making it that easy to do that. 3) This is a pc and all the keyboard shortcuts I know on mac don't work for me. Seems like everything is taking much longer to write (actually, to correct, not write). The keys on this laptop are way bigger than I'm used to--so typing seems to also have lots of backspacing and correcting. I know, I know, complain, complain, complain. I'm actually very grateful for the loaner.

Today one of the teachers and I went for a walk at lunchtime around the track at school. Funny thing first--when I asked if she wanted to walk the neighborhood or the track, she asked "what track?" I think there are a lot of people at school that don't know there is a track around the playground. It's not easy to see, so that's probably why. The walk was great--we went twice around but man, she can move. I don't. Hopefully we can reach a happy medium.

Did you read my sister's post about Thanksgiving at my niece's house last week? I see she neglected to mention the trouncing that happened during DVD Trivial Pursuit. B and I were on a streak at the end and we smoked everyone-- it was entirely the luck of the questions-- we had at least 8 in a row we got right.Again, it was the luck of the questions, and some were definitely guesses, but it was fun. For us, anyway. I made Danelle take a picture of B and me with our winning game piece but she said I couldn't post it. I'm sure she was kidding.

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