Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rehearsal went pretty well last night-- they ran through it twice but skipped a few songs because since it had been a last minute rehearsal, quite a few people couldn't make it. B and I went to the 24 hour SB on CO Blvd after rehearsal--that place is always always always so packed. And with the B&N it's attached to closing at 11 pm, the little tiny SB is no fun to be in. We sat in the car and talked for about an hour, then parted ways. I stayed up til around 2 a.m. watching Mike Myers skits on SNL on cable. Some of my favorite episodes, too--very funny.

Today I've run some errands, drove to Brighton to pick up a CM album I was getting from another consultant (now that's a drive), and now I'm at the library (the quiet one) reading email. Tonight Funny Laurie and I are going to scrapbook-- it was a last minute thing so I'm glad she was available.

Tomorrow-more rehearsal then crash time on the couch. Boo--then back to school. Although it's only about 3-1/2 weeks til winter break--yippee.

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