Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Greetings from our nation's capital... well, close to it anyway. CP and I are spending a few days in Virginia with a high school friend. We've invaded her beautiful townhome and are wreaking havoc on her husband's schedule. We actually flew in last night and got here around 1 a.m., but early on we decided to stay in a hotel and not tell her til the next day when we called her to pick us up. We knew she'd be a little miffed (not really, but disappointed) so we actually considered taking the shuttle BACK to the airport this morning and calling her to pick us up there, but even WE aren't that ridiculous. The hotel was wonderful-- a welcome bag on the bed when we arrived contained lavender linen spray, a sleep mask, a cd with relaxing sounds/music--it was really pretty neat. And the hotel actually cost less than a Motel 6! We got to the hotel around 1:45, and after we put our stuff in the room we headed for the Taco bell next door--we were starving and they were open until 2 a.m. When we got there, it was the drive through that was open til 2, and they wouldn't let us walk up and order! So we found a 7-11 and bought sandwiches, drinks, chips... I took a funny picture of CP laying on the bed with what we bought.

Today we got up around 11:30 DC time (we went to sleep around 3:30 am), packed up and headed out on foot to.... Kohl's! It felt like we hadn't even left CO! We called MG to tell her we were here, and to meet us at K's. It was kind of funny, actually. We had been in K's for about an hour and were heading to checkout, and I saw MG come in thedoor but turn and start walking to a place not close to us. So we called her on her cell phone top tell her where we were standing.

Tonight we all went out to dinner then SG (husband--retired Air Force) took us to see the new Air Force Memorial. It was so beautiful all lit up at night--and the view from the promontory was unbelievable--we could see the Capitol Building, Pentagon, Washington Memorial, Jefferson Memorial--all lit up at night. We're going back tomorrow to see it in the daytime.

And now it's time for bed!

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