Friday, December 29, 2006

What is with the weather in CO? I keep checking the news websites for updates-- it looks like a repeat of last week. Hope my kitty is staying warm!

Yesterday we hit all the D.C. highlights--Kohls, WalMart, Panera. :-) Today MG and CP left the house about 7 am to go see if they could pick up same day tickets to tour the White House. I'm doubtful-- but maybe we'll get lucky. I wanted to see the Christmas decorations in the WH, but we didn't really plan ahead and go through our congresspeople like you're supposed to. Yesterday we did drive around and see some sites--and spent some time at the National Christmas Tree in the park across from the WH. There's a walking path around the tree that has a smaller Christmas tree for each state and territory, decorated by some school in the state. The one from CO was decorated by the school my friend TS works at--so I tried to call her but directory assistance didn't have a listing for her. So I called RH (who I teach with) but she wasn't home, so I left a message and she called me back within about 10 minutes. I got TS's number and called her and she had no idea her school did the decorations!

MG drove us all over looking at the monuments all lit up at night--I've seen them all several times before but they are still so impressive. My camera batteries were both spent, but I think CP got some nice pics I'll try to share later next week. We are also talking about maybe trying to go view President's Ford body lying in state at the Capitol Building. Unfortunately, so many things are now closed to visitors now--the Capitol Building being one of them. No more tours of the Capitol these days-- and so many streets and parking areas near the memorials are also closed off.

Tonight we are going to Ben and Susie's house for dinner--they are some people B and I met in SXM both years we went. I'm really looking forward to seeing them. Sat night we're going to see the Washington Redskins game from a skybox-- I'm sure it will be great fun but not being a big football fan, I'm sure it's a bigger deal than I'm thinking. And The Redksins haven't had the most stellar season (I do at least know how to look up stats online!)

I'd like to go back to bed... but I suppose I should start getting ready for the day. Everybody stay warm!

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